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Therapy for Professionals & the LGBTQ+ Community

I understand how difficult life can be.

Work demands and everyday pressures can leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Often we seek relief in unhealthy ways yet deep down we yearn for something more meaningful.

Together we can explore all these things so you can become more motivated, and in turn, make better professional decisions and life choices.

James McWilliams PgDip MBACP

About You

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • I get very anxious or stressed with work demands and pressures.
  • I struggle with relationships, family or friends.
  • I look for ways of avoiding unpleasant feelings by seeking comfort in substances such as food, drink or drugs.
  • I have compulsive tendencies such as excessively working, exercising, shopping, using social media etc.
  • I feel overwhelmed by life and want to run away or hide.
  • I struggle to find meaning and purpose in life.
  • If any of these sound familiar, I am here to support you.

    Read on to find out how...

About Me

If you are new to counselling or psychotherapy I know how nervous you are probably feeling.

Taking such a step can be challenging. Yet, I also know how incredibly rewarding it can be.

Depending on your hopes and needs, we can work together over a brief period or for however long you require. We can discuss this when we first meet.

Whatever your focus, it will be a privilege to act as your guide on your journey towards understanding yourself more wholeheartedly.

Many practitioners write a laundry list of issues they are willing to work with. I take a different approach. You are more than a label or a diagnosis, so let’s have a discussion to see how I can be of service to you.

If I think another practitioner will be better suited to your needs, I will happily provide you with some recommendations.

Much progress has been made in the UK in recent years, yet identifying as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans or queer can be a difficult and often lonely experience.

  • Perhaps you feel shame (a deep sense of unease) around your sexuality or gender identity.
  • Maybe you are drinking or taking drugs more often than you would like to admit to others.
  • Or perhaps you are worried about your sexual behaviour, or using drink/drugs to have sex.

If this sounds familiar, then we can discuss these things together in confidence and without fear of judgement.

  • I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy, having studied and qualified at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London Bridge.

    Psychosynthesis is an integrative style of counselling and psychotherapy; utilising a range of therapeutic approaches depending on your needs whilst guiding you to become more of who you truly are. Feel free to ask me more about Psychosynthesis when we meet.
  • I have 15 years' experience in the corporate world working for large multinational companies.
  • Alongside my time in business, I have spent 10 years working with and supporting the LGBTQ+ community at prominent organisations including Terrence Higgins Trust, Switchboard, Albert Kennedy Trust and Diversity Role Models.

If you live outside London or you are based abroad I offer the opportunity to have secure, private 1:1 sessions online.

If geographically permissible, ideally we will meet in person for the first few sessions.

Ask me about this service when we have our free phone consultation.

My commitment to You


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